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blow dry bar

single treatment
signature blowout
half & half
half updo, waterfall or braids
updo colada
glam updo that gets you into any party
hair styling / makeup for girls under 10

treats to add-on
deep-cleansing shampoo + scalp massage + hydrating treatment
nourishing shampoo + scalp massage + restorative hair mask + hydrating treatment
organic hair spa
organic hair bath + scalp massage + hair mask
organic scalp treatment
100% natural, herb & clay peeling cleanser with essential oils
+ head & shoulder massage (with organic hair bath & hair mask+ HK$100)

makeup bar

single treatment
party delight
30-minute light & casual makeup
party queen
45-minute full-service makeup
personalized makeover tutorial

nail bar

manicure / pedicure / polish / hard gel / soak off gel

single treatment

12-time package12-time package (valid for 12 months)

24-time package24-time package (valid for 24 months) 
manicure single colour (with peeling)signature service
hand services HK$380 HK$2,964 HK$5,472
pedicure single colour (with exfoliation)signature service
hand services HK$560 HK$4,368 HK$8,064
manicure (with peeling) /
hand services HK$480  HK$3,744 HK$6,912
pedicure (with exfoliation) french polish
foot services HK$740  HK$5,772 HK$10,656
french / gradation polish
hand services HK$216 HK$1,685 HK$3,110
foot services HK$260 HK$2,028 HK$3,744
foot single colour polish
foot services HK$145 HK$1,131 HK$2,088
gel nail (hard gel)* (*excludes removal and extension)
hand services  HK$820 HK$6,396 HK$11,808
soak off gel* (*excludes removal and extension)
hand services HK$705 HK$5,499 HK$10,152
foot services HK$820 HK$6,396 HK$11,808

3 days guarantee^


hand & foot treatment

single treatment

12-time package12-time package (valid for 12 months)

24-time package24-time package (valid for 24 months)
BIOsignature service
hand services HK$394 HK$3,073 HK$5,674
foot services HK$524 HK$4,087 HK$7,546
cold paraffin whitening nourishing treatmentsignature service
hand services HK$524 HK$4,087 HK$7,546 
foot services HK$695 HK$5,421 HK$10,008
heidi's ultimate treatmentsignature service
hand services HK$598 HK$4,664 HK$8,611 
foot services HK$774 HK$6,037 HK$11,146
heidi's cell revitalization treatmentsignature service
hand services HK$1,098 HK$8,564  HK$15,811
foot services HK$1,472 HK$11,482 HK$21,197

extra services

single treatment

12-time package12-time package (valid for 12 months)

24-time package24-time package (valid for 24 months)
hand services  HK$200 HK$1,560 HK$2,880
eyebrows shaping
HK$300 HK$2,340 HK$4,320
hand services Each HK$45 / up 
foot services Each HK$50 / up
3D nail art
hand services Each HK$42 / up
foot services Each HK$52 / up


soak off gel nail removal
HK$180 HK$200
gel nail (hard gel) removal
HK$280 HK$300

express services

single treatment
express manicure (includes shaping & nail polish)express services
hand services HK$280
express pedicure (includes nail polish, shaping & removal of hard skin)express services
foot services HK$380

gents' nail care

single treatment
men manicuregents' nail care
hand services HK$343
men buffinggents' nail care
hand services HK$260

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  • updo colada
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